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The world we live in now forces us to demand everything instantly, and if we don’t achieve instant speed with page uploads, app uploads or refresh then we find ourselves frustrated. It’s quite astonishing that in only the space of a few decades we have gone from not having the internet to 100% reliance on it. 

So if we demand this speed in our everyday lives, why don’t we demand this from our backup and recovery? We shouldn’t really treat the two situations any differently, yet most IT departments do just that. It’s accepted that data recovery can take hours, if not days.

It really doesn’t have to be like this, archaic systems and tape backup should be something of the past now, especially with the technology that surrounds us. Rubrik was created with this in mind with cloud technology and digital transformation, to make backup & recovery simple, fast and effective.

Let’s take a look at a few of the elements that give Rubrik the edge when it comes to speed:

  1. Achieve near zero RTO

Speed of recovery dictates how quickly your organization can be back up and running after a disaster or even just after the loss a single file. The faster the recovery time, the faster your business can be back to being fully operational and most importantly making money. Rubrik boasts a near zero RTO, meaning there is little or no loss of time and resource within the business. Plus, with the Google style predictive text search you can locate a single file quickly and easily.

  1. Rapid deployment

The prospect of deploying new backup solution is a daunting prospect, possibly one of the reasons why so many choose to stay with what is already in place, even if it’s not quite fit for purpose. Rubrik has a simple and automated set up process, once in place and plugged in to your existing systems it will use automated discovery to locate everything within your infrastructure and best of all this usually completes within the hour, so your time isn’t wasted!

  1. Flash speed backups

Overnight backup and recording to tape is old school. Rubrik’s use of Flash-optimized, parallel ingest accelerates snapshots, creating a must faster approach to your backups. Resulting in far less impact on productivity.

These are just a few benefits of using Rubrik to speed up backup processes, it also has a major impact on cost savings and daily tasks. Time to make backup simple.

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