The 5 best things about Rubrik: as chosen by the Assured DP team

When you decide Rubrik is the solution for you – what’s the next action? You’ll also need to find a provider who not only understands the product inside out and backwards, but one who has a genuine passion for working with Rubrik.


It’s not enough to merely go through the motions with Rubrik; to make the most of the investment, you’ll need support that allows you to tailor your use of the platform. No matter the size of your business, you’ll want a team that understands your unique requirements – and can spot the gaps where you might be missing a trick.

Five different members of the Assured DP team talk about what they love most about working with the Rubrik software. Aside from the most obvious features, such as speed and ease of use, some of the answers they gave might surprise you.


1. The simplicity of recoveries for Microsoft SQL

Ian Thompson Head of Data Services Assured DPIan Thompson, UK Head of Data Services at Assured DP loves how Rubrik uses its ground-breaking Live Mount feature for Microsoft SQL. For him, it is something which really sets Rubrik apart from other solutions:

‘One of Rubrik’s outstanding features is recovery. The recovery for SQL is relatively new and quite an advanced feature, where you don't have to restore the database to be able to access data in it.’

Ian knows only too well from his previous experience, how long legacy solutions can take for SQL recovery:

‘Traditionally you’d have to restore the entire database to then mount that database up, connect to it, then go into the database to pluck out the one little bit of data you actually wanted.’

Since working with Assured DP (who work exclusively with Rubrik), Ian has seen the speed and simplicity with which data can be restored:

‘Rubrik can Live Mount, spin the database up onto Rubrik itself, then present it to the SQL server, so it can read the database data directly from Rubrik. You don't have to restore it or move it around anywhere – no other solution comes close to doing that.’


2. The speed of restores 

Matt Hull Senior Account Manager Assured DPOne of the best things about Rubrik for Matt Hull, Senior Account Manager at Assured DP, is the speed with which it restores data and how surprising this is to most customers:

‘Two of my favourite things about Rubrik are the restore speed and the simplicity of the user interface. It makes backup and recovery management so much easier and the speed of restore is something most people have never seen before.’

Having an interface that customers can confidently use is important, giving them the option to manage the platform for themselves if needed. Straightforward management and speed are two factors which many customers feel are missing from their existing solution:

‘Some of Rubrik’s most impressive features for me are its instant recovery and how it makes management so simple. It also has the ability to backup thousands of objects during a backup window.’

As an Account Manager, Matt is focused on the high level of service he offers customers. Working with users every day, he needs to be a reliable source of information, which Rubrik helps him deliver:

‘Keeping customers happy is a huge part of my role, so having faith that the product can do what you say it is going to do is vital. That’s how I feel about Rubrik; if I tell a customer it will successfully restore their data, I know it will.’


3. Time saving with automation

Stew Parkin Technical Operations Director Assured DPFor Stew Parkin, Technical Operations Director at Assured DP, Rubrik opens the door to being able to use backup data for other things:

‘It's given organisations the ability to speed up their day-to-day operations, as well as automate them. Environment refreshes and analytical tools can use the backup data rather than having to use production data which risks impacting that environment.’

For many businesses, running backups and performing other similar daily tasks manually, is all they’ve ever known. It’s sometimes assumed by businesses that there’s no other way. But a Rubrik managed service provider like Assured DP can take hours out of an IT departments’ day-to-day tasks by automating them. Imagine what IT teams could do with that newly gained time:

‘It frees up backup admins’ time significantly. There are figures that show anything between 25%-90% of a backup admin’s time is gained back.’

Instead of starting the day with hours of backup management, Rubrik users can expect to cut this down to just minutes. Once that data is collected, it’s ready to be evaluated and learned from.


4. A simple and efficient User Interface

Ryan Taylor Technical Support Lead Assured DPA product that anyone can use is a key priority for Ryan Taylor, Technical Support Lead at Assured DP. Efficiency and simplicity of use are key factors when it comes to customers selecting Rubrik as an option over alternative solutions:

‘The Graphical User Interface (GUI) – even at first glance – is amazing. It’s slick and easy to use. But the ability to delve deeper into the product using APIs is great, too. This means anyone with any level of experience can get to grips with it.’

Ryan says that, especially if companies are used to working with an older product (which is his own background), they’ll know how much of their workload can be taken up with frustrating and repetitive tasks. Using Rubik just might help increase the joy they find in their role again, too:

‘Coming from supporting an older product, a lot of my time was spent troubleshooting large volumes of errors every day – that workload has significantly decreased. From a customer perspective, having Rubrik will save them so much time. Working with Rubrik definitely increases my job satisfaction and would do for anyone who chooses it.’


5. The high level of customer satisfaction

Simon Chappell CEO Assured DPFor Simon Chappell, CEO and Co-Founder of Assured DP, it’s all about service and support. Rubrik enables Assured DP to help customers maintain smooth processes in-house because of the speed, scalability, and reliability of the product.

‘Things do go wrong in IT – from hardware failures and natural disasters, to malware attacks and human error. It's being able to recover quickly from a failure or disaster scenario which is important, minimising disruption for businesses which in turn helps them maintain service levels for their customers.’

Simon loves challenging Rubrik and experimenting with its capabilities on behalf of customers:

‘Rubrik’s speed and scalability is pretty incredible – every day it still impresses me with the things it can do. It is pretty remarkable how it crunches through some very large customer environments.’

Instead of time-consuming backup management, Rubrik provides a reliable platform which allows users to spend time doing the things that matter:

‘I love its reliability. Companies are used to backup solutions causing a lot of problems which have to be fixed all the time. This isn’t the case with Rubrik. It is purely and simply a solid enterprise solution.’


Whatever your reasons for selecting Rubrik, there promises to be a wealth of advantages to your business when the software is implemented. Whatever matters to you most – whether it’s time, speed, simplicity or service – you are guaranteed to enjoy Rubrik as a solution that makes your daily processes easier. The Assured DP team are truly passionate about the product and have a genuine love of working with it to help customers run their businesses more smoothly.

If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of choosing Rubrik as your backup and recovery solution, please contact Assured DP.

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