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There are lots of important aspects to consider when it comes to backup and disaster recovery but if you can save while you’re implementing a new solution, then why wouldn’t you?! And savings don’t just come in the form of cost, cost is important but the marginal gain costs are also something to think about... savings on space and time ultimately endure a cost saving too.

Rubrik not only offers simplicity and speed, that we have looked at in our previous blogs but Rubrik also offers savings across many aspects of your backup. Let’s take a look at three areas Rubrik helps you save on your backup solution.

Cost: Lower TCO by up to 50%

Achieve 30-50% in hard savings immediately from Rubrik’s software convergence, getting more from just one brik and using the cloud for instant spin up on disaster recovery.

Space: Up to 70% data footprint reduced

Eliminate complexity of legacy multi-point solutions with a single platform, helping you shrink your data infrastructure footprint up to 70%. That’s less space, less cooling and ultimately less costs!

Time: Only 2-3 minutes of daily management

Rubrik allows users to set one SLA policy engine to create and automate backup, replication, and archival policies with just a few clicks while linking up seamlessly with third party services, such as ServiceNow. Reduce daily management time by 60% as well as keeping it simple resulting in freeing resources up to focus on true innovation. Not forgetting the instant search tool, meaning you can retrieve documents immediately, saving even more time within the team.

Rubrik can help companies save across many different elements. Whatever is important to you, Rubrik can help plus with Assured DP can can take all the stress away and have your backup and disaster recovery as a service, giving you time to focus on more business critical needs.

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