Is your disaster recovery plan up to speed?


So, you have your DR plan in place. Backups are scheduled, the data is offsite daily and you're enjoying the warm fuzzy feeling of being protected should the worst happen to your IT infrastructure.

But how far does the DR plan go? Are you simply planning to recover lost data after a disaster, or does the business demand more? Does it expect the business to continue almost seamlessly, with users able to access vital systems and carry on working with the minimum of disruption?

The latter is now a commonplace expectation for most businesses. Long gone are the times of multi-day restores of data and downtime being an acceptable risk. The virtual encapsulation of servers, along with the scripted rapid recovery functions of products like Rubrik means servers can be back online in a recovery site in a matter of minutes.

So how do we make that recovered data more instantly useable for end users potentially orphaned from the comfort of their desk, along with their PC and familiar desktop and applications? Where VPN's were once considered an excellent way to connect into the office for remote working, the disadvantages of latent links with clunky performance, unencrypted corporate data stored on vulnerable remote PC's and a sprawling data protection headache mean their popularity for DR is fading fast.

With a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) all data remains within the cloud service giving excellent performance and the ultimate level of data security as the data never leaves site. Access is simple via a secured publicly accessible website allowing users fast and flexible access from a wide range of devices which dramatically reduces the demand on an already stretched IT team.

DR is much more than backup and restoring the servers, it’s about the continuity of user access. If users have to wait hours or days even for access with your current DR plan, it’s a good time to reassess your solution. In the impatient world we now live in, everything has to be instantly accessible and having a solution in place which delivers secure fast business continuity will not only save your business time but ultimately and most importantly money.

At Assured DP we offer VDI as an extension to our DR-as-a-Service so as well as knowing your data can be recovered and safely restored you can also rest assured that operations can resume quickly with very little downtime. Couple that with our latest Detection-as-a-Service with Radar and you can gain access to intelligence software to help discover suspicious activity before it can encrypt files.

For more information, a demo or even just a chat about how we can help you improve your backup and data protection, please get in touch. We’re here to help and always happy to talk about data.

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