Rubrik as a Service…. and now Detection as a Service


Our team at Assured DP have been working with Rubrik since the very early days. The 3 years of our involvement have seen growth in both our companies on the back of our expertise.

Our specialism is to offer Rubrik but within a service context. In fact, I would extend the description to encompass all of the service offerings we have developed based upon the Rubrik platform. These offerings include:

A traditional cloud backup model where we deploy a Rubrik appliance on our customers’ premises, and securely replicate that data to our own data infrastructure in the UK and the US.

This model allows us to recover complete customer environments (in some cases 1000’s of servers) onto our own infrastructure and allow secure remote access to the restored environment in the event of the disaster.

  • Virtual Desktop Access to DR Environments

We have answered the often-tricky question of “Now you’ve restored my servers onto your infrastructure, how do I access them?”. We have a fully secure and integrated virtual desktop gateway into our infrastructure, meaning our customers and their users have a seamless experience. This is also extremely valuable for testing DR in a non-pervasive way.

We have secured customers across the globe … as a service… in every imaginable sector, such as Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Professional Service... you name it, we now offer Rubrik as a Service to them all.

The future… Detection as a Service.

With the launch in late July of Radar, the next phase of the Rubrik Polaris roll out, we are already looking to the next generation of Rubrik services we can offer.

Imagine now that as well as protecting customer environments, and restoring those securely when required, the launch of Radar means that we now have the capability to proactively identify ransomware attacks for our service customers. We can now immediately notify them of the breach and mitigate any loss of data by restoring their environment back to the most recent clean snapshot.

Not only can we now mitigate in the event of a disaster, but we can help with detection too.

…as a service using Rubrik is the future!

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