What's your strategy for Ransomware?


Data security is just about the hottest topic at the moment. Privacy laws are stricter than ever with many countries around the world now adopting a European Union style GDPR regulation for data protection.

A data breach can be incredibly costly not only from a legislative point of view but also from a credibility and operational point of view.

Ransomware still remains the biggest threat to data for businesses and as the number of attacks are growing rapidly and becoming more sophisticated many companies don’t feel that their anti-virus software is enough to block an attack.

Rubrik has already made a name for itself with immutable backups, meaning data can be restored safely after a Ransomware attack, but as we know prevention is better than the cure and or in this case - detection.

Radar is the latest innovation from Rubrik which allows you to recover even faster from Ransomware whilst offering complex machine learning to detect and alert for suspicious activity. Powered by the Polaris global management interface, companies can detect and restore data quickly with only a few clicks to get back up and running.

The detection process involves analysis of different file properties including file change rates, abnormal system sizes and entropy changes. Radar then creates an alert through the UI and email. It constantly scans the entire environment to show how the data has changed over time making it easier to locate affected files and applications saving huge amounts of time. All data is captured in an immutable format to make restoring data safe as Ransomware cannot access and encrypt the backup data.



At Assured DP all our solutions are available as a fully managed service for backup, DR and archive.  With this latest innovation we now add Detection as a Service to our armoury, allowing us to recognise Ransomware attacks for our service customers enabling us to immediately notify them of a breach and mitigate any loss of data by restoring their environment.

For more information, a demo or even just a chat about how we can help you improve your backup and data protection, please get in touch.

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