Andrew Eva's Predictions for Data Protection, Privacy and Disaster Recovery for 2023 in DR Journal

Andrew Eva, CTO (Americas) at Assured Data Protection, was recently asked for his 2023 predictions for data protection, privacy and disaster recovery by DR Journal:

“Businesses are more reliant on the cloud than ever, however that makes them more susceptible to breaches, ransomware, and other threats, not to mention traditional outages. With nearly all businesses looking to achieve cyber resilience, many have been investing in cyber insurance. However, cyber insurance premiums have been rising for some time now and many insurers are even refusing to offer policies. The risk to insurers was too big and costly.  

While SaaS companies and their partners have been emerging as a viable alternative to traditional insurance, we’re starting to see enterprises reaching out to data protection service providers to gain access to cyber insurance. We’re already seeing a shift with more customers coming to us to request audit reports or insurance questionnaires to provide validation to insurers that their backups are immutable. Businesses are looking to vendors and MSPs as trusted third parties that can guarantee their data protection and security. 

Ultimately, insurance companies are trying to mitigate their risk. Businesses need to have a reliable resource in place that will throw a protective layer over their data and be able to recover their digital assets in the event of a breach or incident as an insurance guarantor. This approach will start to become more prevalent in 2023.”

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