CRN's Biggest Channel Surprises of 2022, Featuring Simon Chappell

CRN recently got in touch with our CEO, Simon Chappell, and posed the question: 'what was your biggest surprise in the channel in 2022?'

Simon's response was the resiliency of his team following the impacts of the global pandemic. He said:

"My surprise of the year in 2022 is how resilient the channel in both EMEA and the US has been in getting back to normal face-to-face as the desired way of interacting. 

"All our businesses have embraced hybrid working patterns, but the demands for face-to-face are highest in our sales channels. 

"I love to see it, but I'm not sure I'd missed the monthly expense bills, especially as our team seem to be making up for lost time!"

Click here to see the full article on CRN. 

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