4 reasons you need backup!


It’s really just an insurance policy, isn’t it...?! Backup, something we do just in case the worst should happen.

The fact is, it feels like a really mundane process for the ‘what if’ but actually if the ‘what if’ were to happen and your backup wasn’t perfect...! Here’s where the problem comes in!

So why do we need backup? There are many reasons why backup is important, especially now when there is so much hype and focus on GDPR, but from a business point of view there are many more possible reasons. Let’s take a look at 4 reasons why every company needs backup.


  1. Disaster Recovery

As rare as a natural disaster might be it could still happen and if it does the affects can have a huge impact on the workplace. If your data is stored in the same building it could be detrimental, but by using a robust backup software, such as Rubrik, with external replication on offsite premises your business can be back up and running within minutes.

  1. Errors

Human and software errors can be frustrating but unavoidable, within seconds you can lose hours of hard work. Rubrik uses SLAs set by the business requirements to take frequent snapshots so if anything is lost the most recent saved version can be reinstalled.

  1. Security

Ransomware is a hot topic and can happen to any company or individual! Rubrik’s security is second to none, dramatically reducing risk of an attack as well as cloud replication to ensure data is backed up and easily accessible.

  1. GDPR

The new regulations around data means that if customer data isn’t stored safely and correctly you can be fined thousands of pounds fine.


As you can see, as mundane as it may feel backup is actually an integral part of every business, no matter what size. Ensuring you have the right software, policies and procedures in place is key.

We’ve hung our hat on the Rubrik solution, offering it as a service on both a CapEx or OpEx model with flexibility for all size enterprise. If you need advice, guidance, help or even just a chat we’d be happy to help! Visit our solutions page here.

Disaster Recovery Guide

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