Watch Matthew, Our VP of Global Marketing in: Highlights from CPI's US MSP Innovation Awards in New York

Watch the video highlights from the US MSP Innovation Awards with Editor Nima Sherpa Green asking winners what will an MSP look like in five years?

Matthew Valleskey, our VP of Global Marketing, answers the question: "What is the most influential trend affecting your Market?"

Nima Sherpa Green from Channel Partner Insight said:

"As Editor of Channel Partner Insight, I'm thrilled to share the video highlights of our exclusive dinner discussion and awards ceremony in the heart of downtown New York.

The US MSP Innovation Awards are always hotly contested.

And this year was no different.

However, one happy mark of progress is that we were once again able to gather and celebrate the industry's leading lights in-person.

Some of the channel's top executives were able to come together to share best practice they've gleaned from their combined experience of driving innovation within US managed services.

The ceremony was filled with humour, poignant moments and highlighted the brilliance of the US tech sector and all it has achieved in this most challenging of years.

To see who else scooped the trophies this year in one of the closest-run competitions we have ever run, click here to for the full list of winners of the 2022 US MSP Innovation Awards."

Click here to watch the full video.


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