US MSP Innovation Awards - Meet the winners: Q&A with Best Technical Support MSP - Assured Data Protection

Assured Data Protection came out on top in this year's US MSP Innovation Awards held in New York last week.

CPI was proud to announce the winners of the 2022 US MSP Innovation Awards in New York last week in an exclusive dinner event. Here is the full 'Meet the Winners Q&A':

Attending was Assured Data Protection VP of global marketing Matthew Valleskey who spoke to us about success and standing out in the US channel.

  1. Congratulations on winning Best Technical Support MSP! What does it mean to win the award that recognizes that Assured Data Protection had the most impressive track record of delivering such a high level of technical expertise in the US managed services market?

We're thrilled to be selected as a winner and proud of the whole team for their continued hard work. At Assured Data Protection we enjoy the challenge of delivering exceptional service to our customers. Time and time again this has separated us from the MSP competition.

Our technical support team is second to none in the market and we've consistently demonstrated a proven track record of delivering top-grade technical support. As a senior group, we add over 200 years of know how in this space. We know it's hard to do, but we enjoy the challenge of delivering exceptional service to our customers.

  1. What do you anticipate will be the impact of this recognition among your peers, and your customers?

We believe that this recognition will further validate to our customer and partners that they have selected the right company to work with regarding the protection of their data. Our customer and the partner network that we work with have come to trust Assured's staff and expertise when it comes to protecting their data.

They know that their backups are being managed and in the event of ransomware attack or other disaster, they are confident that we will be able to recover their data and allow them to continue to conduct business.   

  1. Has the last year changed the Assured Data Protection business model or engagement with customers?

The last year has seen businesses suffering because of a reliance on traditional endpoint and perimeter security products.

Unfortunately, they don't provide enough protection from the sophisticated ransomware attacks we're seeing today. These attacks target the data itself, which sits in the data centre, completely bypassing traditional cyber defences. Customers need help to deploy a total security and data protection solution and provide business continuity in the event of an attack or disaster. We've evolved into a provider that offers protection against data breaches and ransomware attacks, by combining threat detection, remediation and data recovery.

  1. What has been the biggest market shift to impact your business over the last 12 months?

One of the key issues businesses now face is re-training IT staff to take a more holistic view of their security and data. There has been a traditional split between these two functions like the old division between sales and marketing. The faster businesses can blend the two, the more they will be protected.

Also, many companies are moving to the cloud and may not take the time to really understand how this will affect the way they protect, store, and access their data. MSPs like us are well placed to become the aggregator of all the different types of new solutions, besides providing the expertise needed to help customers to implement the right solutions.

  1. What is the most important factor (s) to being successful in US managed services?

Expertise. Companies and partners are looking for MSPs to be the experts in niches they are selling. MSPs need to understand how their services support the critical business activities of a certain customers and the verticals they are in.

They must have the ability to tailor their services to meet the specific needs of their business. Customers want to know that they are in good hands when something bad happens and that they are going to be able to keep operating their businesses. MSPs need to be able to provide that reassurance and provide that calming voice in the room.

  1. What's next: What is the most influential trend already making an impact, or on the horizon, that will shape the US channel?

Nearly every organization is in the process of moving to the public cloud and naturally they're concerned about data security and compliance. They want to be sure their data can be moved without the risk of it being compromised.

Speed and access are also front of mind. Businesses need reassurances that they're customers and employees can access data quickly and without any problems.

These are just some of the issues that businesses are dealing with as migration to the cloud accelerates across all industries. Businesses are finding out that moving to the cloud is far more complex than they thought.  The growing demand for cloud resources has led to a new breed of US MSPs that can deliver a range of services from data backup to cybersecurity.

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