Virtual Desktop Infrastructure - An essential part of Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery and virtual desktop infrastructure

Disaster recovery and business continuity plans are essential for all businesses especially if you end up in a situation where employees could be forced to work from home due to a physical issue on prem.


However, Disaster Recovery is much more than backup and restoring the servers, it’s about the continuity of user access. If your employees have to wait hours or days even for access with your current DR plan, it’s a good time to reassess your solution. In the impatient world we now live in, everything has to be instantly accessible and having a solution in place which delivers secure fast business continuity will not only save your business time but ultimately and most importantly money.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is a great option for SME’s and large enterprise alike as it offers the capability to rapidly restore data with minimal input from your IT staff in a time of crisis.

It allows you to hand over responsibility to an experienced third party to help you manage the responsibility of disaster recovery plus it can save on costs by eliminating the need for a secondary data centre.

Most companies have business continuity plans in place to cover physical disasters including having a secondary office where staff can work from and a VPN connection to allow them secure access to company systems. But for those who don't this can create serious security issues which could lead to data breaches.

Whilst VPN's remain popular, they also remain a slow and clunky option with latency issues and still allow unencrypted data to be stored and don't eliminate the possibly of people using personal emails instead of business ones where connection is difficult meaning sensitive data can be compromised.


The most robust disaster recovery plan is one that includes Virtual Desktop Infrastructure


Virtual Desktop Connectivity

This provides businesses with a “desktop” in the cloud providing users with a fast and flexible way to access servers and applications securely, across the internet from a wide range of devices.

With Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) all data remains within the cloud service giving excellent performance and the ultimate level of data security as the data never leaves site. Access is simple via a secure website or dedicated app allowing users fast and flexible access to their familiar corporate desktop from any Windows PC or a range of mobile devices. This can dramatically reduce the end user demand on an already stretched IT team.

At Assured DP we offer VDI as an extension to our DR-as-a-Service with Virtual Desktop as a Service (VDaaS). Therefore, as well giving our customers the peace of mind that their data can be recovered and safely restored in the event of a disaster, we also ensure that operations for remote workers can be resumed allowing for business continuity. Find out more here:

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You can also speak to a specialist member of our VDI team to find out more - please get in touch here. 

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