There Is a Need For More Visibility Over Security - Computer Weekly

Computer Weekly interviewed Simon Chappell, our CEO, on his thoughts on how the channel needs to be clearer about the need to test recovery processes before customers get hit by an attack.

"Many companies are labouring under false assumptions about their safety after switching to the cloud – and the problem is exacerbated by prioritising cures rather than prevention.


Although the year is still only seven months old, there have been a large number of ransomware attacks, including a recent case involving managed service provider specialist Kaseya.

When nervous ransomware payers see their life flashing past them, it’s a one-way trip. But customers that have adopted early intervention techniques, such as a well-drilled disaster recovery, can look at monitors and see their data story, their company life history, travelling back the other way.

The channel needs to sell data protection and disaster recovery with more imagination and verve, according to Simon Chappell, founder of Assured Data Protection (ADP), which recently called for better “visibility” over cloud installations."

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