Stacy Hayes Interviewed at MSP EXPO by Rich Tehrani of IT Expo

We were at the MSP Expo #TECHSUPERSHOW2022 in Fort Lauderdale in June where Stacy Hayes, our EVP (Americas), took part in two panel discussions:

  • Seizing the Backup and Storage Opportunity
  • Ransomware: Should I Pay or Should I Go?

Prior to speaking on these key topics, Stacy was interviewed by Rich Tehrani of IT Expo. Watch the full video to hear Stacy's thoughts on:

  • Assured Data Protection - what we do
  • Immutable data
  • Notable ransomware attacks and how Rubrik would protect you in those situations
  • Our white-label solutions and how we work with partners
  • ...and much more!

Click here to watch the full video.

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