Rubrik launch Alta 4.2


Rubrik have recently released the latest advancement in the cloud data platform, known simply as Alta 4.2. We have seen recently that many enterprises have embraced the hybrid cloud structure, blending private cloud, public cloud within data infrastructure. The great news is that with the latest Alta 4.2 update this data management structure can be simplified, wherever the data is stored enterprises can still get the same Rubrik experience through one simple control panel.

"There is no question that hybrid cloud is the future, and adoption will be driven by both present workloads and future architecture," said Arvind Nithrakashyap, Chief Technology Officer at Rubrik. "We built Alta 4.2 to enable every aspect of an enterprise hybrid cloud strategy. Our goal is to make it simpler for every company to adopt the public cloud and to build an AWS-like, self-service cloud offering of their own. And we ensure everything is integrated in one, full-featured solution, so your infrastructure team has the same Rubrik experience whether you're working with proprietary UNIX workloads or cloud-native applications."

Rubrik Alta 4.2 integrates with vCloud Director, VMware's popular platform for creating an elastic private cloud environment. For managed service providers and large enterprises with multiple co-hosted tenant users, Rubrik also offers its Envoy service to simplify and accelerate self-service. Envoy represents a service provider's Rubrik cluster in a tenant network, making it easy for end-users to customise their backup services in a flexible, shared-everything private cloud. This helps every organisation – from small MSPs to large, complex IT departments – to provide backup-as-a-service.

The hybrid cloud also promises to bridge the gap between long-lived traditional data infrastructure applications and the new infrastructure of the future. To this point, Rubrik Alta 4.2 protects both IBM AIX and Oracle Solaris within the core product, offering enterprise operations teams the same suite of data management tools that they use for other physical, virtual, and cloud-based workloads. Companies can begin moving some of these workloads into the cloud in a matter of hours. And for larger enterprises that have adopted Rubrik, supporting proprietary operating systems will make it easier to regulate on the Rubrik platform.

A quick summary:

  • Protect apps born in the cloud leveraging native AWS technology: Rubrik automates EBS snapshot lifecycle management with one policy engine across on-prem to cloud. Rubrik uses native AWS EC2 APIs to deliver automated backup, fast file-level recovery, and cross-zone and cross-region recovery.
  • Build a secure private cloud to empower self-service for multiple tenants: For managed service providers and large enterprises, Rubrik’s vCloud Director integration and Envoy allows organisations to create tailor-made private cloud offerings, easily share resources, and deliver backup-as-a-service to co-hosted tenants.
  • Simple data management for enterprise data centre workloads: Enterprises can now extend Rubrik’s powerful automation and management ease to traditional IBM AIX and Oracle Solaris workloads, helping companies skip a generation and migrate legacy data to their cloud of choice.

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