Welcome to the CRN A-List, Featuring Assured's Simon Chappell

CRN has once again published its who's who of the UK IT channel and in exciting news, our CEO & Co-Founder, Simon Chappell, was featured!

CRN said this of its A-List:

"Our who's who of the UK IT channel sees top reseller, distie and vendor bosses take on eight fiendish questions, including what law they would introduce if they were made monarch and who would play them in a movie of their life.

This year's A-list, produced in partnership with Agilitas, features 86 executives from CRN's core audience of VARs, MSPs and IT consultancies. Some 16 work for vendors, 18 for disties and five for other types of companies. Some 39 - or 31 per cent - are women.

After we scrambled to overhaul the CRN A-List questions for the Covid era in 2020 and 2021, this year's edition (dubbed the CRN A-list 2023 just to confuse everyone) once again reflects the industry's confident and outward-looking character.

Indeed, the return to office and in-person events was the dominant theme when we asked our leaders for their highlights of the year.

We hope you enjoy reading what our 125 channel leading lights said in their responses as much as we did. Thanks again to everyone who took the time to craft such thoughtful and candid responses."

Click here to see Simon's profile and discover his surprising first job, who would play him in a film about his life and lots of other interesting things...

Or, click here to read the full article.


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