The Mighty MSP - Assured Data Protection's Simon Chappell Featured on Comms Business

Comms Business examined how the MSP landscape is evolving in the UK with changing customer needs and new technologies bringing new developments in the market in. They asked for our CEO Simon Chappell's insight, and you can read what he says on the matter in this article.

"Compliance is a challenge where MSPs are seeing increasing opportunity to provide guidance to SMEs as they navigate the evolving threat landscape and migration to the cloud.

Nearly every organisation is in the process of moving to the public cloud, said Simon Chappell, CEO of Assured Data Protection, and will be concerned about data security and compliance with speed and access also ‘front of mind’.

“Businesses need reassurance that their customers and employees can access data quickly and without any problems,” he commented. “These are just some of the issues that businesses are dealing with as migration to the cloud accelerates across all industries. Businesses are finding out that moving to the cloud is far more complex than they thought. The growing demand for cloud resources has led to a new breed of MSPs that can deliver a range of services from data backup to cybersecurity.”

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