Assured DP Deliver Rubrik & Servicenow To The Enterprise And Mid Market



Rubrik and ServiceNow - A Seamless Integration

Rubrik has disrupted the legacy backup and recovery market by offering a drastically simplified scale out infrastructure with API first architecture. Rubrik’s API first platform allows seamless integration with leading IT Service Management platforms (ITSM) such as ServiceNow.

Transform backup and recovery administration

The traditional model of backup and recovery administration relies on a dedicated team of internal knowledgeable experts who act as command and control for all data protection tasks (including backups, restores and new processes). Backup administration is time consuming and costly, often diverting valuable resource away from strategic tasks. Legacy backup systems often have antiquated log reporting, requiring daily interrogation to investigate issues. Integrating Rubrik and ServiceNow can dramatically reduce time spent on backup, administration as well as move to a self service model for users and automation of backup and recovery workflows.

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