New Team Members Who Joined in June


A huge Assured welcome to our new folks: Katie & Alex who have joined our technical teams in the UK & US. Here is an introduction to them!




Alex followed in his father's footsteps and has been passionate about computers his whole life. He received a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and Engineering as well as VCP (VMWare) certification. He speaks English, Russian and Romanian.

“Starting my role at Assured Data Protection has been a great jump into the Prod environment and super friendly staff. As a Cloud Engineer and Senior Network Engineer in the past I am proud to use all my experience and expertise to bring the best level of support to Assured's clients and to the Assured Team”

Alex enjoys Music and being a DJ for different events. He also likes hiking, biking, travelling and driving fast cars.



Katie Rose has just graduated university with an MEng in Computer Science and is excited to join Assured as her first post-graduate position.

‘I’m very excited to be joining the dev team at Assured! The team has been very welcoming in my first two weeks, and as a recent graduate of Durham university I’m glad to be going from one close-knit group to another. During my studies, I focused on the field of security, and I’m glad to be joining a company that holds this as a core value. I’m looking forward to working on the company’s oncoming projects, and I hope to meet you all in the coming weeks!"

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