International Women's Day 2023

On days like today it's easy to see the statistics, like only 19% of the tech industry are females* and wonder why we bother to celebrate International Women’s Day. Truth be told, in a male dominated industry like IT, it is all the more important to recognise, reward and praise the women that we work alongside.

We are so lucky to work with some incredible women here at Assured Data Protection. From our senior leadership team, to sales, to customer success and marketing – we champion our women. We understand and recognise that on days like today, Assured and the industry need to do more, and we will strive to do more – but today we want to dedicate this blog to showcasing some of the women that work in our organisation, so you have the pleasure of getting to know them like we do.

1-4My name is Poppy Angell, I work as Channel and Development Manager in the UK at Assured. I have been in the industry for 5 years and at Assured for almost 6 months now, after returning from having my little boy in October of 2022. Truth be told, I somewhat fell into the industry. I didn’t specifically join for the IT element but since then, that’s the reason I chose to stay. Amongst many reasons, opportunities in the tech industry continue to grow every day. The sky is the limit in terms of where innovation can take us and I’d like to stick around to see that!

Assured is a great place to work as a woman, and more important for me as a mother – the flexibility is something I needed when returning to work. Being a mother will always be my priority, so I needed a workplace that allowed me to be a parent first; working from home (or anywhere really!) is a given, not something you have to ask for. Last minute leave, late starts, early pickups are all the norm at Assured and never frowned upon. That is absolutely the bare minimum for women in the industry, but I know too many peers who are still being strong-armed into the office, bound to work strict hours, so it feels comforting to know I work for a company who will always understand my personal life comes first.

The thing I love being about a woman the most, is the relationships I get to have with other women. There is something so special about being surrounded by other women, overcoming adversity, bonding over the shared experiences we have and all the other things that bring us closer.


3-2I'm Kerry Lederman, I work as Client Services Operations Executive in the US and I have been in the industry for 20 years. I joined the IT Industry because of the opportunity to be part of something that was growing and evolving rapidly. Those are the same reasons I have stayed, and enjoyed, working in the industry. I love Assured in particular because of the culture created within the company. As a mother to young children I put great value on the work-life balance I have been able to find within the industry.



2-2My name is Ashley Miller, my job title is Global Director of Finance and Operations and I have been in the industry 16 months in Tech (longer in finance!). I met Stacy Hayes (EVP of Americas) while working in public accounting. Over the course of Assured’s first 5 ½ years I was able to learn about Assured and tech, and by the time Stacy asked me to join the company I had already been sold.

I enjoy learning and IT was never a strength. This opportunity allowed me to use my strength (finance) with the added challenge of learning the IT industry. The possibilities are endless, both in IT and with Assured. The world changes and advances all the time, and with that so do IT needs. Assured’s values as a company and overall culture allow for both professional growth due to external industry driven factors and internally driven ambitions, all while giving me the flexibility to balance my personal life and interests. The thing I enjoy most about being a woman? Shania Twain said it best: “The best thing about bein' a woman is the prerogative to have a little fun”.


I'm4 Laura Midgley. I am Head of Marketing in EMEA for Assured, based in our UK office. I have worked for the company for almost 6 years and during that time I have progressed to my current role whilst getting married and starting a family. I am now a mother of 2 year old twin girls which is challenging every day! I love my girls, but I'm not ashamed to say I also love my job! 

I started my role at Assured after being made redundant from my previous job, and although it didn't feel like it at the time, it was actually a blessing in disguise! I had never worked in the Tech industry before or in B2B marketing but I've definitely found my home! Assured is a family and even though the business is growing a great rate of knots, we're still a close team. I love the fun we have as well as the hard work. The company is incredibly supportive and always say 'family comes first'. I have experienced this support first-hand when I needed additional maternity leave and when one of my daughters was in hospital.

It's great to see more women joining Assured and I'm pleased to be an advocate of 'Women in Tech' to encourage as many women as possible to give this industry a go! 


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