How the Channel Supports Employees During the Cost-of-Living Crisis: Channel Futures Interviews Rob Mackle

Channel Futures recently interviewed Rob Mackle, MD (EMEA), about how the channel can help support its employees. 

Rob said: "It’s a challenging time for businesses, owners and employees. Rising costs affect all of us, but it is businesses who can offer the most help,” he said. “Our business provides support for our team in a variety of ways, such as flexible work hours and the ability to work from home to reduce on commuting costs.

“It’s also easy to feel isolated at times, so we encourage employees to come to work to keep the company culture alive and give them a sense of camaraderie. When they do, we make sure we provide free lunches and refreshments. It is important for us to enable employee development and progression and we always want to make our employees feel valued by paying fair remuneration,” he added.

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