- Data Meltdown



25 million dollar company went into meltdown recently after ineffectual backups created a huge data loss

The reason?

Due to accidentally deleting a directory on the wrong server during a database replication process, the company incurred a large hit in data loss after all their back up tools failed leaving them with next to nothing. In the end, only a mere 4.5 GB remained of the previous 300GB of data that was once possessed.

Admittedly this isn’t a rare occurrence, however it can be always easily traced to one key problem or fault. This is of course to which I am referring is obviously Replication or backups not working reliably or installed / set up correctly to begin with.

Worst of all claimed to be above the cloud and that it was no longer necessary currently in this day and age as they had outgrown it. A statement which is slowly but surely proving more and more highly false.

Cloud backup is proving to be highly effective as well as accessible to everyone due to its affordability. As the company is now finding, one highlight of having cloud back up is the amount of time that can be saved as opposed to working around the clock and spending countless hours to recover data and undo the damage like they are now.

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