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Lockdown has prompted a flurry of house sorting, renovating and extending. Personally, I had a kitchen floor that had dropped at one edge by about 15mm, and uncertain if it will keep dropping or not.

The floor has underfloor heating pipes, gas pipes, water pipes and soil pipes just to add to the anxiety of trying to correct it. It’s been like this for a few years now, but sick of seeing it day in day working from home decided to get it sorted. A range of general builders had different ideas, ranging from digging it up, to underpinning from the outside, to pinning it from the inside and then the recommendation of just add level screed on top and hope it stays put.

Most of these ideas seemed plausible, but varied widely in their cost and disruption. None sounded ideal.

I finally found a specialist, who does nothing all day long but drill holes in sunken concrete slabs, inject them with a special expanding resin and not only arrest them, but lift them back into place.

It sounded too good to be true, but two detailed conversations later and he was onsite with his team, drilling carefully though the slab using infra-red cameras to dodge the various precious pipes under there.

Once drilled, a seemingly effortless squeeze of the trigger injects foam into each hole at a time at high pressure and then he'll pause a second, listen intently, and wait confidently while the floor groans and creaks and lifts the floor exactly back into place with millimetric precision, confirmed by the laser levels he has placed around the room.

Its genuinely one of the most impressive things I've ever seen a tradesman do on site, yet to him it was all in a mornings work. It’s what he does. It's all he does. He's a specialist. It’s all very impressive from the client side.

Here at ADP, our recovery teams are often on the receiving end of similar awe and wonder when servers are 'magically' recovered.

Our team has recovered 'tricky', 'complex' and even 'impossible' servers while customers are left overjoyed that they finally have a DR solution that actually works.

It isn't magic - It’s just like lifting floors. When you invest in the best tools, and specialise in something specific for long enough, you learn the quickest and most efficient way of doing things, and to the outsider that can be really impressive.

So don't settle for that generic solution that doesn't quite fit the bill - Work with professionals who will get it right first time, every time. Make sure your data protection solution fits all your recovery needs end to end, and maybe have a chat with us if it doesn't, because sometimes even we forget how good we are at it.

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