Channel Partner Insight Article: 'Businesses Need Reassurance from MSPs in Uncertain Times'

Simon Chappell, our CEO, was interviewed by Channel Partner Insight on his views on the strategies MSPs can utilise to reassure jittery resellers and customers in uncertain times. 

The article reads:

"In today's volatile economic climate, no company is too big to fail. In the last few months, global cloud and datacentre services provider Sungard Availability Services was forced into  administration due to soaring energy bills and a failure to renegotiate rental rates with its landlord.

This should serve as a warning to businesses everywhere.

After all, these are precarious times, businesses and their suppliers are being squeezed as costs rise and demand for services fluctuate. As a result, businesses are opting for more flexible consumption models that allow them to tap into cloud services and utilities on-demand. The older more traditional CAPEX models no longer apply, which is a concern for legacy vendors and their customers.

Businesses are more reliant on the cloud than ever. They're susceptible to breaches, ransomware, and other threats, not to mention traditional outages. That's why it's especially important to be sure that suppliers are solvent and able to cope with market forces.

Businesses need to know they have a reliable resource in place that will throw a protective layer over their data and be able to recover their digital assets in the event of a breach or incident. The good news is that these risks can be managed properly thanks to tried and tested solutions with a new twist.

Business recovery through managed services

The data backup and disaster recovery mindset has changed. Thanks to new threat detection techniques, you can prevent incidents from escalating. It's all about being on the front foot: having dashboards and active monitoring tools in place that allow you to spot anomalies and neutralise them. 

The ability to incorporate this function with your existing backup is immensely valuable. They're highly complementary. It makes strategic sense to combine the two and it makes financial sense, especially when they're delivered as a managed service.

However, no business is impervious to threats, especially when they're constantly evolving. In the event of a serious ransomware attack or disaster you need to have a protected backup infrastructure in place where all data is safely encrypted.

This means you can keep functioning as normal in a secure and managed environment, while simultaneously using forensics to unpick compromised data and systems.

Backup (as-a-Service) by demand

Going back to the previous points about rising costs and volatility, it's clear that something as important as data backup, disaster recovery and threat prevention cannot be put at risk.

The managed service option gives businesses the flexible and reliable model they need to ‘keep the lights on', but also the confidence to keep growing while expanding their digital footprint.

The consumption model it supports means that they can commit to what they need, when they need it, based on pricing that suits them.

Businesses need the freedom to select services that they can flex up and down based on their requirements, and progressive providers have moved with the times to deliver these types of services. If that arrangement is based on monthly subscription or another more flexible usage model, it can help businesses to drive costs down.

That's why it's best to work with a managed service provider that treats their customers and their resellers as partners. A partner that's committed to finding a solution at the right price, that will help you sustain businesses and resellers during this volatile period.

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