Be Where The Great Are



It's not often you get the chance to write about ping pong and data protection in a single blog.

We like to create world firsts at Assured Data Protection, such as being Rubrik only dedicated Global Partner delivering managed services based on the amazing Rubrik platform.

We look after multiple Petabytes of client data from our HQ’s in the US and the UK and relish the challenge and responsibility of doing so, therefore writing about ping pong doesn’t scare us.


So why ping pong?

Well it happens to be the subject matter of a truly inspirational book called Bounce written by British table tennis player Matthew Syed.

Syed dispels the myth of talent, and instead creates a list of success measures that resonate way beyond the ping pong table.

His central concept is the “Power of Practice”. He estimates that 10,000 hours of purposeful practice will give a person a chance to reach the Elite level in their chose discipline. A quick glance around the senior team at Assured Data Protection gives me great comfort. Every member of the senior team has been involved in the data protection and management sector for over 10,000 hours!! You would have to ask our clients whether those many 1000’s of hours have been “purposeful” but I’d hope they would agree!! I do believe our personal time served alongside each other gives us a comforting insight into what the challenges are of protecting and managing data in the Enterprise.

Syed also speaks of other critical success factors such as a “mindset of hard work”, “pushing well past the comfort zone”, of “learning from failure”. He also recognises the part played by “luck, serendipity and opportunity”, so often overlooked. Amen to that, but that would likely need its own blog to explain how those 3 things combined as Assured DP and Rubrik came into partnership.

The one success measure that Syed talks about in Bounce which perfectly sums up our journey with Rubrik is this: Be Where The Great Are.

This is such a simple but wonderful concept. In Bounce, Syed recognises that successful ping pong players tended to congregate in certain towns not known for sporting excellence (for example commuter town Reading in the UK and impoverished Spartek in Moscow). His analysis is that the very presence of a core of successful, top ranking players led to a magnetic affect for ambitious up and coming talent.

When I first met Bipul Sinha I knew I wanted to be where he was. That feeling only flourished when back in late 2015 I was introduced to every single one of the other members of the early Rubrik team such as Mike Tornincasa, Eric Chang, Nitro, and here in EMEA Karl Driesen and Alex Raistrick. 

The running theme was compelling. Here was a collection of outstanding individuals, all of whom had experienced personal success in their respective careers and fields and had now chosen to be where the great were.

And so, the “congregation effect” widens. Rubrik has quickly gone from zero to a billion-dollar company, with over 300 employees. Of the many 10’s of the Rubrik team I’ve met personally, I am astonished at the number of times the reason for joining isn’t the amazing platform (which it is), or the financials, personal or corporate (which Forbes and others recognise as hyper growth). It really is about the team and the excitement of becoming involved with some of the industry’s most amazing talent. 

Further confirmation came when I recently met Rubrik’s EVP of Global Sales and operations Mark Smith. Mark is a Big Hitter, and I don’t just say that because he is at least a foot taller than I am. I was intrigued what persuaded Mark to join the Rubrik rocket ship. His 3 answers were the people, the people and the people.

When we set out on our journey at Assured Data Protection we knew we wanted to make an enormous bet on Rubrik. Why? Because we want to be where the great are.

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