The value of API first


At Assured DP we are very proud to exclusively provide Rubrik as a service. Rubrik offers a solution like no other with technological advances changing the world of backup and Disaster Recovery (DR). One of the ground-breaking features of Rubrik is its API first architecture.

In this blog, we will give an insight into the benefits of API first when it comes to protecting your data.

APIs are a great technical tool within your data management software but are often used as an afterthought meaning all features and functionalities may not always be available within your current system. Rubrik is the only data management solution built with API first architecture and an HTML5 interface which consumes its own RESTful API endpoints, transforming API into a strategic asset giving you flexible and powerful automation workflows.

Benefits of API first:

  • Integrate and test simply with no previous REST API knowledge needed with pre-built models.
  • Seamless integration with easy plug-in for any management system including ServiceNow, Chef, Puppet and Ansible.
  • Language independent, allowing code generation in the language of choice including Ruby on Rails, Python and PowerShell.
  • Gain access to any operation available in the User Interface including backup, DR, search and analytics.
  • Automate end to end workflows at scale.
  • Store backup in an immutable format.
  • Automate compliance and reporting.

In addition, using an API first managed data backup and management solution which is automated is pivotal with ever increasing threat of ransomware and cyber-attacks.

To conclude, Rubrik’s API first architecture makes backup and DR solutions simple and user centric, allowing you to create highly customised automation scripts to fulfil all your data management needs, eliminating the requirement for a plethora of products to handle your data by using one simple hyper converged scale out solution.

Our team at Assured DP have over 100 years of collective industry experience in backup and DR and as a result we are Rubrik’s leading MSP and designated white label service provider, with a number of customers who already use and trust our services.

To find out how we have help transform your data management please contact any member of the Global Assured DP team: | UK Team: 0 (+44) 800 061 4298 | US Team: +1 (703) 225 3385

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