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If your business is looking for a new backup and recovery solution, it’s likely you’ll have come across Rubrik in your research. But what makes it stand out from the crowd of other platforms on the market? Here we explore five of the most impressive and surprising things that make Rubrik the superior choice.


1. Recovery will never be the same again


Rubrik has a functionality called Live Mount – the process of making a full Virtual Machine (VM) or SQL database accessible from a backup in seconds. Live Mounts help businesses achieve lower recovery time objectives (RTOs). Ian Thompson, Assured DP’s UK Head of Data Services, explains how Rubrik changes recovery time for businesses:

"Rather than perform a lengthy restore, Rubrik presents the SQL Database or VM directly from the Rubrik storage itself, maps it to the server, and allows access to the data directly. Businesses don't have to restore or move data to get rapid access – so they’re able to easily recover a small piece of critical data and pop it back where it was on a production server, or recover an entire server - both in a matter of minutes"

The single-file recovery options also make Rubrik a superior product. Businesses can save time by switching from traditional processes to recovering single items. Ian Thompson continues:

“With Rubrik, getting an individual file back is a 1 minute job or even thirty seconds. It's so straightforward. IT departments might find that the restore requests go up because end users can actually start to use that service. That's a real benefit to the business, it's time saved for everybody: the whole enterprise, not just IT.”


2. Designed for scalability and growth


Rubrik clusters scale, whether it’s sideways, bigger or smaller, rapidly and with zero downtime: it is built to grow as businesses do. So if companies are managing an expanding and changing clusters, it won’t entail the messy job of controlling separate resource islands: Rubrik is managed as one, single system. As Rob Mackle, Director and Co-Founder of Assured DP, notes:

“There is infinite scaling of the solution from day one; it’s written into the core code... Rubrik’s code is revolutionary. It's clean, it's fresh, it's scalable.”

The platform is built with a modular approach which means businesses can simply protect new databases and applications without affecting existing ones. Rubrik was designed with full meta data, scalability and searchability to interact with the cloud. These aren't features that were thought about afterwards, then inefficiently bolted on – this is its core functionality. This is just one benefit of the source code being relatively young, due to Rubrik’s age. Ian Thompson explains how Rubrik compares to legacy solutions:

“Here at Assured DP we’ve seen an explosion of data, and data protection products over the last couple of decades, but in reality the products that seem most mature, and have modern sounding features are likely built around core code that was written long before those modern features became mainstream. This often means key items, such as private and public cloud integration, indexing, scalability, Virtual Machine protection etc can often be the least efficient functions of a legacy solution as the core services were never designed to do it. Rubrik has a highly efficient clustered core and it shows when you ask it to back up thousands of Virtual Machines every evening - and it just does it.”


3. Fault-tolerant backups


In the event of a system failure, businesses need a reliable, quick recovery solution which prevents large-scale outages, to help maintain normal productivity. For those dealing with particularly high volumes of data, or that deal with data of a sensitive nature, this is especially vital. Rubrik understands these concerns and has designed its platform accordingly.

With Rubrik, backups are fault tolerant. As part of a resilient cluster, it is designed to incorporate redundant power supplies and to have no single point of failure, creating a more reliable system.

Backups shouldn’t be any less important than primary systems, so Rubrik treats them with the same level of care, ensuring that – no matter what happens – the customer experience is smooth and enjoyable, and employees can get on with their job.


4. TCO Savings of 30-50%


The impressive amount a business can save by implementing Rubrik is a very attractive feature of the platform. These savings are made up overall from a number of factors including:


  • Support for cost-effective, seamless tiering of backup data onto many popular public and private cloud services, reducing the overall size of the Rubrik cluster required.
  • Single-file recovery from VM and volume backups makes small-scale end user recoveries more practical, and more likely to be requested, saving man hours across the business.
  • Removing the need for contingency storage hardware in the primary and/or secondary data centre with Rubrik’s Live Mount feature.
  • Incremental forever backups reduce the load on servers and storage, potentially cutting the costs of production hardware, and/or improving overnight batch process efficiency.

Using 100% storage on disc, Rubrik removes the need to retain and maintain legacy hardware and software, in order to be able to recover from old media archives. Businesses can save money because there are no additional agent costs – per server or per user. Rubrik also removes the need to manually offsite, track and retrieve backup media.

Because it is a single, unified solution for all physical and virtual data protection requirements, Rubrik removes the need for multiple backup products. Additionally, savings can be made in IT manpower as the team no longer has to check, re-run and offsite backup media and the need for tapes, tape drives and tape hardware maintenance is eliminated.


5. Advantages of a young company


Compared with others on the market, Rubrik is a young company – yet is well-funded and truly global, making them a secure and business-smart choice. With over 1600 employees, seven support centres worldwide, and 98.6% customer support satisfaction, Rubrik is leading the way in delivering what modern businesses require from their data-security providers. Rob Mackle discusses the benefits of working with Rubrik:

“Because they're a young company, they started with a blank sheet of paper. The five people that established Rubrik have vast experience in data protection and different technologies. They found a solution for now, and tomorrow. It's enabled them to build the innovative solution they’ve got – older companies wouldn't be able to do this.”

In September 2019, Rubrik was recognised as a Top 10 Cloud Company by Forbes, based on rigorous criteria including ‘estimated valuation, operating metrics, such as revenue and growth, as well as people, culture and market leadership.’ The accolade reflected their unprecedented growth in the last year, and their ambitious future plans.

Additionally, Rubrik was named as a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Data Resiliency Solutions, Q3 2019 for their current offering, strategy, and market presence, with Forrester noting Rubrik is ‘making large R&D investments to meet its goal to increase innovation and radically simplify backup and recovery needs.’ While previously Rubrik was named a visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant.

This fresh, out-of-the-box thinking, and keenness to invest in the best people, is what sets Rubrik apart from the competition. In a time when innovation, customer service and forward-thinking solutions are the difference between a business thriving and folding, Rubrik is one very exciting company to not only work with, but watch where they take the industry next.


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