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Enterprise software in a consumer style wrapper

For too long enterprise backup software has been synonymous with complicated and confusing interfaces, often needing expensive and time consuming training courses often to carry out simple every day tasks. This lack of innovation and automation couldn’t be further away from what we are seeing in the consumer market place. If you take image filters […]

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VMWorld 2016 won by Rubrik

What did Rubrik win at vmworld? The Data Protection category at vmworld recognises software product or services that are designed to backup, restore, replicate, archive are / or achieve fault tolerance in a virtual server or cloud infrastructure.   2016 sees Rubrik v2.3 announced as the co-winners of this award, the “Gold Award for Best […]

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Rubrik raise $112m funding!

Rubrik, the latest and greatest data protection software company to come out of Silicon Valley, out-dated backup and recovery is a thing of the past. It is extremely exciting to finally see the old fashioned, slow moving, data protection market burst into life. It’s been a long time coming but thanks to     Rubrik has […]

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