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AERTEC Solutions Ensures Business Continuity and Innovation with Rubrik

AERTEC Solutions, headquartered in Málaga, Spain, is an international engineering and consulting company specialized in aeronautics with projects covering more than 100 airports across 39 countries. Jesús Viciana, Information Technology Director at AERTEC Solutions, chats with me on building a stronger disaster recovery strategy and freeing up time for innovation with Rubrik.  What challenges were you […]

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Rubrik Raises $180 Million at $1.3 Billion – Why it Matters

This past week, we announced that we raised $180 million at a $1.3 billion valuation. The round is led by IVP (same folks who invested in Slack, Snapchat, AppDynamics, MuleSoft) with strong participation from our existing investors Lightspeed Venture Partners and Greylock Partners.   Why raise another round? We have not even dipped into the $61 […]

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Rubrik Now Protects Cloud Apps Running in AWS and Azure

Today, we’re excited to announce that Rubrik now delivers data protection (backup and recovery, replication and DR, archival, search, and more) for applications running in AWS and Azure. It’s easy to get started. Once you’re part of our Early Access program, we’ll provide the AMI/VHD directly to the AWS/Azure account for you to spin up […]

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Integrating Rubrik with Redhat Cloudforms Through Ansible Automation

One of Rubrik’s principle tenants is integrated automation made possible by its rich suite of RESTful APIs. Rubrik follows an API-first architecture to enable infrastructure automation with third party services, including simplification of data management tasks and integration with configuration management tools. One example of custom workflows with Rubrik’s APIs is with VMware vRealize Automation. In […]

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The Accelerating World of Ransomware

Have you been hearing more about ransomware recently? It seems like every day there’s another news headline, vendor presentation, or story about data held ransom. So, what’s driving this “buzz”? Is it just a media-created frenzy, or are there actual changes in the ransomware landscape? Ransomware: A Maturing Landscape Per ZDNet, the cost of ransomware […]

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Rubrik Joins Global .NEXT Series for 2017

Rubrik is excited to sponsor Nutanix .NEXT in Washington D.C. and .NEXT Europe in Nice, France. We’re also sponsoring the .NEXT on Tour series, which takes place in major cities worldwide. Rubrik’s strategic partnership with Nutanix began in 2015, and we’ll be showcasing our product at all of the Nutanix events.   Nutanix’s hyperconverged infrastructure […]

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Data Protection Is Not Just for Compliance

  Technology permeates all aspects of our lives in such a seamless manner that it is easy to underestimate our reliance on it. As consumers, we’ve all been inconvenienced by the words, “I’m sorry, we can’t do anything right now–our computers are down.” But for a business, this disruption is far more than an inconvenience. […]

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Rubrik approaches $100M Annual run Rate

Rubrik is on pace to becoming the fastest growing infrastructure company ever, accelerating market adoption of Cloud Data Management evidenced by 7x growth in enterprise customers. PALO ALTO, Calif., February 8, 2017 — Rubrik, the cloud data management company, today announced global annual run rate approaching $100M, representing a 7x increase in the number of Enterprise […]

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    25 million dollar company went into meltdown recently after ineffectual backups created a huge data loss. The reason? Due to accidentally deleting a directory on the wrong server during a database replication process, the company incurred a large hit in data loss after all their back up tools failed leaving them with […]

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Ransomware hits NHS twice a month

  NHS Trusts around the UK have been attacked multiple times in the past year. According to a Freedom of Information disclosure, 28 NHS trusts had undergone ransomware attacks in 2016. So what does this mean in 2017? Ransomware ranks highly on the list of threats to the healthcare industry and this shows little sign […]

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