Polaris - The First SaaS Platform from Rubrik


Using a public cloud has many benefits, you don’t need the physical room for your servers, it’s relatively cheap and cheerful but it does have some downsides, such as not always understanding or even knowing where your data is being stored across the cloud structure.

Data fragmentation is a hot topic at the moment, especially with the ever-nearing 25th May and the introduction of GDPR. One of the main articles in the new data regulation focuses on data hosting and placement, meaning every EU organisation will need to know exactly where all data is held, along with many other requirements. It can be a minefield!

Earlier this month Rubrik released their latest update - Polaris. This new release is the industry’s first Software as a Service platform for data management applications, transforming the data management market by providing a global framework for app visibility. The platform is the first of its kind to create a central focus point to collate, analyse and review business information and applications across all data infrastructure and cloud environments.

The Polaris unified system of record organises all business information to make it discoverable and usable, no matter where it is. It also includes many added benefits such as:

  • Global search, security and workflow orchestration.
  • Content catalogue on a global level.
  • An open API architecture to expose native platform functionality for both Rubrik and third parties.
  • A platform for a new class of data management applications for control, orchestration and data intelligence.

“What is so unique about Rubrik Polaris is that it delivers a single system of record across all business information,” said Rubrik co-founder and CEO, Bipul Sinha. “We are delivering a new class of data management applications that will allow enterprises, for the first time, to address all segments of the business for compliance, governance, and security.”

Rubrik are really driving forward the data management arena, developing some ground breaking tech and initiatives, bringing the Rubrik name front of mind to techies and decision makers alike. Assured DP offer Rubrik as a Service, through CapEx or OpEx model, meaning it is affordable and accessible for any business size.

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