Balancing The Risks As An MSP | A Computer Weekly Article featuring Assured Data Protection

Stew Parkin, our CTO (EMEA), is featured on Computer Weekly's Microscope article: 'Balancing The Risks As An MSP.'

"There is a growing trend among partners in converting into managed service providers – but are there risks to this approach that the channel needs to be aware of?"

Stew Parkin said: “ADP knows its strengths, sticks to them and enhances them. It’s so important to remain focused. All too often, the broadening of services is driven by sales, not technology.

There is a very real temptation within the MSP market space to sell services around whatever the customer needs and this is when they run themselves ragged – spinning too many plates, and running the very real and huge risk of them all crashing down.”

Click here to read the full article and the rest of Stew's comments on Computer Weekly.

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